October 04, 2018

Engineered Arts Creates Super Realistic Robots

 realistic robots


 It seems as if every day we get closer to seeing a world where robots and humans live amongst each other.  Ok, maybe not as extreme as in iRobot, but all around us integrated technologies are becoming a part of normal life.  We have automated driving Tesla's, digital kiosks replacing cashiers, and more.  Robotic companies such as Boston Dynamics, however, are innovating on the hardware and making robots that move like humans and even dogs. Regardless of the different types of technologies, when we hear the word "Robot" we all usually get an image of a metal figure that somewhat resembles the human anatomy. Well Engineered Arts is taking the realism of robots to the next level, creating robots that have super realistic human features.  They use silent high-torque motors to provide extra realism in facial movements.  They also use necks with mechanical vertebrae.  The results are astounding, the faces look almost exactly like real human faces.  Maybe some time in the future we won't be able to tell robots apart from humans.  Watch below to see these robots in action.