February 22, 2019

Eminem Releases Virtual Reality Short Film with Oculus

 marshall from detroit


 Virtual Reality has become increasingly popular over the years with Oculus as the fore-runner in the VR game.  With Virtual Reality, the opportunities are endless; video games, movies, shows, and live events are all possible with VR.  Eminem is the latest person to step his toes into the VR pool with his new short film entitled "Marshall from Detroit". The film is a trip down memory lane with Eminem and his hometown of Detroit. Read below as Caleb Slain, the film's director, explains the thought-process behind the film and watch the trailer! 

 “In Marshall From Detroit, we sought to explore the city impressionistically: Detroit as a memory, a feeling, a dream. With a front-row seat down memory lane alongside Marshall and Sway, this lyrical experience offers an unprecedented glimpse into its eponymous titans. We all have a home. And the extent to which it shaped us is one of life’s great mysteries. But as any native would tell you, Detroit, Michigan is one hell of a place to call home.”