September 05, 2018

Eminem- Fall [Official Video]

 eminem fall


 Less than a week ago (Aug 31st), Eminem dropped a surprise rap album entitled "Kamikaze".  The album was met with mixed reviews, but overall it seems the rap community hailed the album as a great lyrical body of work.  Em definitely upset some rappers as he used this album to call out many artists that he hasn't really been feeling lately.  Yesterday, he dropped the first visual from the album for the song "Fall".  In the song he expresses that he's sick of reading about what everyone has to say about him, so now he's flipping the script.  In the video he is seen running away from his shady/dark side as he lyrically puts everyone in their place.  He even comes after artists Joe Budden and Tyler the Creator in verse 2 of the song.  Check out the video below and make sure to pay close attention to all the lyrics in this one. Is the old Slim Shady back?