September 30, 2019

Elon Musk Unveils Plans of Conquering Mars

 elon musk starship rocket


 Elon Musk has expressed many grand ideas and plans for the future, but one of his more lofty goals has to be his plans for colonizing Mars.  His Starship Rocket was merely a concept on paper for years, but he finally has unveiled a physical prototype of the starship.  The huge rocket is covered with stainless steel and has 6 raptor engines that are movable. The Starship towers 387 feet tall which is 5 1/2 times taller than Space X's first rocket.  If all goes according to plan the Starship will be capable of holding and transporting people to Mars.  Musk plans to launch the starship's prototype in about one to two months 12 miles in the air and then back down to Earth. Space X will continue to upgrade and create newer and newer prototypes before sending the starship into orbit. It seems as if Elon Musk is very confident in his efforts and would like to get people to Mars.  Time will tell if he can successfully make this happen. Watch the video below to see the unveiling of the massive starship.