September 28, 2017

EcoBranding: Ink-Conservative Logo Alternatives

 Conservation is an important concept.  We live in a world of constant consumption and many people live their lives as if there are unlimited resources on our planet.  Conservation is especially an important concept when applied to big companies.  Major corporations produce products in mass quantities, so any little tweak that is made can be a major conservative decision.  "EcoBranding" is a service that claims that they can "change your brand design to cost 10-40% less and protect more trees."  They make small tweaks to brand logos in order to conserve ink.  They do this buy focusing on the typography, colors, imagery, and logo.  Eco-branding is defined around 3 principles: Visual performance, economical performance, and ecological performance. 

Check out some of the examples of logos they have changed to exemplify these 3 principles and show how conservative they can be. This is definitely a service that big companies should look into!