December 31, 2019

7 Eco-Friendly Resolutions for the New Year

 new years 2020


 It is about to be the start of a new year and a new decade! As 2020 is upon us, many people are setting new resolutions for the year. Most of the time, resolutions are goals set to improve your personal life, but why not set some resolutions that help you AND the environment. Read below our list of 7 Eco-Friendly Resolutions for the New Year!


1. Start using reusable bottles/bags

Plastic pollution is still a very real problem, our oceans are littered with plastics.  You can do your part by not consuming single-use plastics such as water bottles and plastic bags. 

2. Don't Litter

This may seem like a no brainer, but in 2019 there are still a lot of people who don't clean up after themselves and litter. If you are one of these people or just a sometimes litterer try to become more aware of cleaning up after yourself!

3. Stop buying Synthetic fabrics

As we've said before in our article The Dangers of Synthetic Fibers and Fabrics on the Environment there are many reasons to buy clothing made from natural fabrics. Try switching to more sustainable options. Like hemp

4. Choose Sustainable Transportation

If possible try to use transportation that doesn't cause as much pollution. This can include carpooling, biking, electric vehicles etc. 

5. Plant Trees

Trees provide clean air, fruit, and are home to many wildlife. Why not plant a tree?

6. Recycle

This is another what seems like a no brainer but there are still people that don't recycle.  Why not start off a new decade right!

7. Go Paperless

Bills. One thing we all don't like.  Many of our bills have a paperless option, whether it be our cell phone bill or utilities.  Opt to go wireless and get digital statements, besides saving trees it will also reduce clutter!