March 07, 2019

Cove: 100% Biodegradable Water Bottle

 cove water


 Plastic pollution is still a serious issue around the world. Americans alone used approximately 50 billion plastic water bottles last year. And since the recycling rate for plastic is only 23%, that means 38 billion water bottles are wasted each year.  Thats a lot of plastic! The solution? Make more bottles that are biodegradable!  Cove is a brand that just launched their 100% biodegradable water bottle.  Their water bottle is made from naturally occuring biopolymers called PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate).  After being tossed to a compost or landfill, the bottles break down into carbon dioxide, water, and organic waste.  The result is zero toxic byproducts!  The bottle looks and feels like plastic but is completely biodegradable.  It has a shelf-life of around 6 months in which it can be reused over and over during that period. There are other companies such as Just Water that are making biodegradable water bottles and we hope that water brands continue to address this plastic pollution problem.  Also, as a consumer, next time you go to the store, instead of reaching for that plastic bottle, see if there is a biodegradable alternative you can grab. 

   cove water bottle