December 30, 2019

Considering Solutions to Arctic Ice Melting

 ice caps melting


 If you weren't aware, the polar ice caps are melting.  Lately, it seems this news is becoming more relevant to media outlets as it is becoming even more unavoidable.  There's a problem, but a better question is what is the solution?  This ice melting due to global warming will eventually lead to rising sea levels that would cause damage to coastal regions.  Well, a team of designers led by Faris Rajak Kotahatuhaha proposes re-freezing seawater.  Also, what has been suggested are designing floating cities, or making giant sea walls.

The main proposal by Faris Rajak Kotahatuhaha and his team is a large submerging machine that could refreeze water. The process would involve desalination in order to freeze freshwater into large hexagonal ice cubes.  The idea may seem pretty intuitive, however, many people are calling the idea nonsensical and a joke due to the fact in ignores laws of physics and thermodynamics. 

Whether its a joke or not is yet to be proven, but the reality is there needs to be a solution to the arctic ice melting problem.  Preventative measures are obviously better to stop more ice from melting in the future.  The bottom line is that it is past due to open up conversations about how to combat this problem. Do you have or know of any ideas? Let us know! We would love to share and raise awareness on this issue and potential solutions!


arctic ice melting