November 05, 2018

ComplexCon 2018 Recap

 complexcon 2018


 In one sentence, ComplexCon is like the explore page on Instagram. It may sound funny but ComplexCon 2018 felt like a physical manifestation of social media. From a Champion ring with martial art experts to a huge Lucky Charms cereal box booth, brands made sure that their presence was known.  Cadillac even had Nas show up at their booth to give out an iced out Cadillac chain to a lucky fan.  But the fun didn't stop at celebrity appearances on the floor.  There were discussion panels, a live Hot One's show, a First We Feast outdoor area, and lots of star-studded performances. Cameras, drinks, blunts, and Yeezy's were everywhere, but hype aside the event was an amazing cultural experience.  I mean where else can you go and see Dennis Rodman casually walking by in a shirt that reads "I am not Dennis Rodman".  

 Complexcon is like Agenda Show on drugs.  Merging music, food, fashion, and many more subsets of modern streetwear culture into one building in the most ostentatious way possible.  Check out some images of the event below! Superego had a great time at ComplexCon and we can't wait to go back!




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 tekashi pharell

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