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Coca-Cola is Testing New Bottles Made from Recycled Plastics

14 Oct, 2019

Coca-Cola is Testing New Bottles Made from Recycled Plastics

 coke recycled bottles


  Coca-Cola has announced that all of its bottles will be made from at least 50% recycled plastic by the year 2030.  It seems that they are determined to stand by this commitment as they are actively manufacturing bottles using recycled plastic.  At this point, the bottles made from recycled plastics are small batches and only contain 25% recycled plastics. Nevertheless, they are actively investing in groundbreaking technologies to "recycle the unrecyclable".  They are turning previously unrecyclable low-quality PET plastics into high-quality plastic containers.  The new sample bottles that they are testing come from a partnership with Ioniqa technologies, Mares Circulares, and Indorama Ventures.

 It is great to see a company as big as Coca-Cola making strides to do the right thing.  Some may say its too little too late at this point, but its a step in the right direction.  Companies cannot continue to turn a blind eye to plastic pollution, especially at this point in time.  It's important that they feel the pressure from consumers to do the right thing and make the right decisions when it comes to manufacturing practices. Check out the short promotional video below released by Coca-Cola to learn more about these new bottles.


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