January 11, 2017

'Cig': The Sea Turtle Made From Cigarette Butts


 If you take a trip to almost any beach in America, you are sure to find some trash lying around.  Sure some beaches are cleaner than others, but for some reason people always seem to leave trash in the sand.  Shelly Marshall wanted to bring some awareness to this horrible habit in a unique way. She uses her art to spread messages about threats to the environment.  "Cig" is a sea turtle she made using roughly 1,200 cigarette butts lying around 

Florida’s Pensacola Beach.  From afar, the turtle may look very cute, but up close you can see a real-life example of how much cigarettes are discarded in the sand; these cigarettes could have potentially caused harm to a sea creature.  Check out some images of "Cig" below, and make sure that the next time you head to the beach you're conscious about not leaving waste behind.