July 20, 2018

Chance Gets Personal on 4 New Songs

 chance the rapper


 Yesterday, Chance the Rapper dropped 4 new songs across streaming platforms.  Chance has been pretty quiet in terms of dropping music lately, but the 4 new songs he dropped definitely did not disappoint. The first song off the group is called "I Might Need Security" and features a pitched up sample from a live Jamie Foxx performance.  The song is a calm but aggressive anthem which matches the sample perfectly. The second is 'Work Out" in which Chance addresses ex-girlfriend drama.  The third, entitled "Wala Cam" is a bouncy hit and a sound that we are very familiar with when it comes to Chance the Rapper.  It features fellow Chicago artist Super Bwe and Forever Band.  Chance the Rapper closes out strong with "65th and Ingleside" which is an emotional ode to his now fiancé, whom he recently proposed to.  Stream the group of songs below on Soundcloud! We hope to get more new music from Chance, and (fingers crossed) an album sometime soon.