April 06, 2017

Captoglove Virtual Reality Gaming Controller Glove


 The new wave in the videogame world is virtual reality.  VR gaming allows you to use your body movements to control the player or the environment in a video game.  The sense of super realism is what makes virtual reality gaming so special.  Captoglove is capturing that super realism with their virtual reality glove.  The glove turns your hand into the weapon.  Essentially, it's made to make you feel like you are actually controlling the gun in a shooting game.  Now, this is somewhat controversial; as many people believe shooting games are already too realistic.  Imagine actually feeling like you are firing a weapon in a game.  Obviously there should be some age restrictions on this type of technology, but there could also be some benefits.  Imagine how useful it could be for army training etc. Either way, I'm sure this technology will be protested by a lot of anti-gun organizations.  Let us know what you think in the comments below; in the meantime check out the Captoglove in action below.


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