September 19, 2019

Burger King is Melting Plastic Toys for Good



 Burger King is one of the heavy hitters in the fast-food game, with over 16,000 restaurants around the World.  When you are that big, it is important to think about the impact your production has on the environment.  It seems as if they have been thinking about it, however, as they have just made a huge announcement.  They are removing plastic toys from their junior meals. In addition, you can bring in unwanted plastic toys to their restaurants and they will recycle them into new ways to play! This toy melting initiative will be occurring from September 19th to September 30th and when a toy is brought in you get a free junior meal.  For now, this initiative is only happening in the UK, but we would love to see Burger King do this with its restaurants around the world.  In addition, all the other fast-food brands that put plastic toys in their kid's meals could learn a thing or two from Burger King and reconsider their production methods.  Check out the short promotional video below from BK!