March 29, 2019

Boston Dynamics Unveils Warehouse Robots

 handle robot boston dynamics


 Boston Dynamics is known for creating and unveiling innovative robots to the world.  A quick browse through their youtube channel and one might be kind of spooked at how advanced the robots are.  One particular video of theirs that went viral included a human trying to knock over one of the robots; the robot maintained its balance and adjusted to the force.  The latest robot they have unveiled is a warehouse robot that effortlessly picks up and drops boxes.

"Handle is a mobile manipulation robot designed for logistics. Handle autonomously performs mixed SKU pallet building and depalletizing after initialization and localizing against the pallets. The on-board vision system on Handle tracks the marked pallets for navigation and finds individual boxes for grasping and placing."

Boston Dynamics also claims that their new robot can lift up to 33 pounds. Watch the video below to see Handle Robot in action!  This is definitely the kind of robot that people refer to when they say "robots are going to take all the jobs".