February 08, 2017

Beach Bot: This Robot Creates Giant Drawings in the Sand


 The word robot is used pretty loosely now a days, but it generally can be used to describe a piece of technology that can do one or more autonomous behaviors.  We've seen robots walk, talk, solve rubiks cubes, play music, and more.  Usually, a "robot" is made to do one specialized behavior.  The Beach Bot for example was made to do one job and one job only, to draw in the sand.  This might sound kind of useless, but to a frequent beach-goer this is a pretty nifty robot.  You can literally send drawings via your phone or tablet and in minutes the robot will create a giant sand drawing of it. As technology continues to advance I'm sure we will start to see more and more robots being created to do specialized activities.  Is this something you would like having? or does it take away from the fun of drawing in the sand?  Let us know and in the meantime watch Beach Bot in action below!