January 27, 2017

Basketball Court Transformed into a Colorful Mural


 I'm sure you've heard the term "Ball is Life". Well, to some people, art is life.  Sicilian mural artist Gue suggests that both basketball and art can be life with his latest piece "PLAYGROUND".  As kids we always wanted to draw on things; chalk on floors, markers on walls, and anything else that looked like a canvas. Well Gue has used the 

Carlo Carrà park in the Italian city of Alessandria as his canvas.  He painted the basketball court with bright and bold colors to give the court a fun and lively vibe.  I'm sure basketball fans around the world would love to get a chance to play a game on this unique looking court.  Check out some images of the basketball court below, and check out Gue's Instagram page to see more of his work.