February 18, 2018

Assembly Vegas 2018 Recap


 Liberty, Agenda, and Capsule were all in Las Vegas earlier this week, which brought hoards of people to the Venetian Resort in Vegas.  The shows were all combined into one huge space that was interconnected.  In the middle of everything was Assembly.  There were multiple speakers imparting advice on people who are building their own brands.  One of the highlights of Assembly was a conversation that took place between Jeff Staple, Ronnie Fieg, and Jaden Smith.  Some of the topics that came up were branding, funding, the environment, and the ups and downs of starting a brand; Fat Joe even made an appearance and bigged up Jaden on his musical success.  On the floor, all types of brands came out to display their upcoming collections. One common theme was a 90's type style, with many bright colors, shiny garments, and eye-catching designs. All-in-all the first day of the trade-show (Monday) was the most packed and the audience slowly diminished after that.  One thing that I did notice is that many people mentioned ComplexCon on multiple occasions, and it seems as if that event is a favorite for many.  We hope to see Liberty, Agenda, Capsule, and Assembly continue on as new trade shows and streetwear fashion/culture events continue to develop. Check out some quick photos below of our CEO and Chief Brand Officer with Jaden Smith and Bobby Hundreds respectively.