December 09, 2019

Artist Unveils Sand-Covered Traffic Jam at Miami Beach



 Art Basel in Miami was this past weekend and it concluded on Sunday.  Much of the talk going around during the weekend was pertaining the Banana Taped to a Wall which sold for a whopping $120,000.  Talks about this piece of art increased even more once performance artist David Datuna took a bite from the banana. While all the rave around the banana was going on, there was another work of art being unveiled at the Miami Beach.  Argentian artist Leandro Erlich created a massive installation out of sand.  The installation is a collection of more than 60 vehicles made from sand made to look like a traffic jam.  The installation is called "Order of Importance" and was made to bring awareness to the global climate change issue.  The sculpted vehicles made from compacted sand give off the illusion that they are slowly being submerged underwater.  This represents what could potentially happen with rising sea levels because of climate change.  Although Art Basel is officially over, the installation will stay up until December 15 on the oceanfront of Lincoln Road. So if you are in the Miami area make sure to check out the installation in person; if not, check out the video below!