August 23, 2018

Artist to Watch For: Jack Harlow

 jack harlow 2018


 After his breakout single "Dark Knight" reached over 1.5 Million views in 9 months and his recent release "Sundown" hit a whopping 300k views in less than a month, its clear that Jack Harlow has a major wave.  The young kid out of Louisville, Kentucky has an infectious flow mixed with hard hitting bars and flaunts his melodic abilities as well.  He sports curly hair and glasses and doesn't look like a "typical rapper", but then again what does a rapper look like nowadays.  In fact, its pleasantly surprising to see a young kid not sporting multi-color dreads and a body littered with tattoos.  Either way, looks aside, music is music, and Jack Harlow doesn't disappoint.  Theres something about his sound that is straightforward and relatable.  His singles have proved he is someone to watch for, and he just released his new album Loose.  Check out his album and some of his stand out songs below!