March 17, 2017

[Artist Spotlight]: The Works of Carlin


 Here at Superego we enjoy highlighting those who we think are Cut From a Different Cloth; those that are pursuing their dreams and embracing their differences. Carlin, from NJ is a talented illustrator and animator and is this week's artist spotlight.  Learn a little more about him below as he introduces himself and some of his favorite pieces. 

 I'm Carlin,illustrator and animator based in Trenton Nj. I was born in the U.S. but raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti for the first 7 years of my life. I tended to be a pretty recluse person and still sort of am now but from that, a passion for the arts grew. There, I was introduced to Japanese and American animation with the help of my dad who was pretty knowledgeable about tech, albeit he did it illegally. It probably wasn't the best thing for the social health of a four-year-old but my eyes were pretty much glued to the television screen and I was just in awe. By the time I was five I was used to seeing animated features about princesses getting rescued by princes and anthropomorphic animals chasing each other. Then, my whole perception of animation changed when I watched Princess Mononoke by Miyazaki and that's  when I realized I wanted to be an animator. It was really exciting for me to see a warrior with a possessed arm fighting off a demon turned pig spewing evil fluids.  

Right now I'm in art school and I'm not enjoying it too much, only because it feels like I'm not in the right major. I decided to go with Computers Animation but I can't help but pick up my pencil and draw for hours instead of working on my school work. If I can switch to illustration or 2D animation that would suit me better I think. After  I finish my degree I plan to produce short films and hopefully get an Oscar for one someday haha. If an opportunity opens up before finishing up my degree then I'll definitely shoot for that, a piece of paper can't tell me if I can draw or not. For anyone who feels like they're weird or they feel like they're different, it's all good, it just means you're cut from a different cloth. I was known as the kid who's super awkward and quiet but now I'm known as the kid who's super good at drawing. Take what makes you different and mold them into your strengths.