September 06, 2018

Animator Recreates ‘This Is America’ on an Ancient Computer

 this is america animation


 Pinot Ichwandardi has been making films and using Macs since the mid-80s. His latest creation took months to create, but for him the process wasn't too gruesome; he describes it  more like driving a classic car.  His work place is his home, with his wife and kids as an audience. "Our home becomes a personal laboratory, an art and technology classroom. By giving access the old technology to our children, they develop a new idea based on their own perspective.”  Ichwandardi spent the past few months animating all of Donald Glover's dance moves from the "This is America" video with Macintosh 128k & Macintosh SE computer, MacPaint & Macromind VideoWorks/Director software.  Despite the technological advancements in the animation world, it is still a long process for one to undertake by themselves (especially when using floppy disks and limited space).  All of Ichwandardi's hard work paid off and the finished product is extremely impressive.  Check out the finished version below!