September 28, 2018

And 1 Legend "The Professor" Plays Ball in Prison

 and 1 professor prison


 Grayson Boucher aka "The Professor" is an And 1 basketball legend that has been breaking ankles for over 10 years. He first made his appearance in the And 1 Mixtape Tour in 2004 and since then his impact on Streetball will never be forgotten.  Over his career, he's traveled around the world showcasing his impressive crossover moves and ability to score.  Recently he decided to make a trip to prison to hit the court and play against some prisoners.  To most, playing ball in prison would seem like a daunting experience.  The Professor seems to adjust fast and even begins to trash talk some of the prisoners in a playful way.  Major props to the Professor for visiting the prison and showing love to the inmates as a lot of people in America tend to dehumanize prisoners.  Check out the footage below!