June 27, 2017

An Exercise Scientist Explains the Proper Way to do a Push-up



 Since gym class days, we've always heard "Keep your back straight!" whenever doing push-ups.  And while this is true, there are other small details that you should pay attention to in order to do a proper push-up and not put strain on your bones and joints.  Exercise scientist, Shawn Arent from the Rutgers University Center for Health and Human Performance, takes to "Tech Insider" to explain how to do a proper push-up.  Not flaring your elbows out, keeping your body straight, and not dropping your head are key into doing the perfect push-up.  He also explains the different variations of the push-up you can do to make it easier on yourself or harder on yourself.  Check out the footage below and share this post with someone who you know could use help doing a proper push-up! 


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