April 09, 2018

AlterEgo: Control Devices with Silent Speech

 alterego tech


Although 'AlterEgo' may sound like a play on our brand name 'Superego', it actually has nothing to do with fashion or hemp.  In fact, AlterEgo is a device in the technology realm.  It is a wearable system that can detect small internal movements in order to assist you daily.  Once you learn a little bit more about the device, the name starts to make more sense.  In fact, the goal of the device is to seamlessly be an extension of you; allowing human action and robotic assistance to be working as one unit. MIT Media lab explains that with AlterEgo "A human user could transmit queries, simply by vocalizing internally (subtle internal movements) and receive aural output through bone conduction without obstructing the user’s physical senses and without invading a user's privacy. AlterEgo aims to combine humans and computers—such that computing, the internet, and AI would weave into human personality as a “second self” and augment human cognition and abilities." Watch the video below to learn more.