April 07, 2017

All Eyez on Me [Movie Trailer]



 Tupac Shakur lived a life that was filled with many successes, great moments, and some sad moments, and it was all watched by the world.  "All Eyez on Me" is a fitting title for the upcoming Tupac documentary, not only because it was the last album to be released while he was alive, but because the world had its eyes on Tupac.  He was an exciting, intelligent, one-of-a-kind type of person.  The upcoming documentary will be in theaters on June 16th and is surrounded by a lot of buzz. Recently another updated trailer was released, showing some more scenes from the movie and also revealing some major characters that will be in the movie.  "All Eyez on Me" is sure to generate a lot of revenue strictly because it's a Tupac documentary, the real question is will it be a success.  What do you guys think? Check out the trailer and let us know below!


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