November 04, 2016

Adidas Makes New Sneaker from Ocean Plastics


 Whats this?! A major brand making an eco-friendly decision? Yes, its true; Adidas has teamed up with Parley, a group that is raising awareness of ocean plastic waste.  Parley's motto in this project, "from threat to thread", signifies exactly what they're doing.  They are taking harmful plastics from the ocean and making it into thread that is then used to make this new adidas shoe; they are even using the thread to make sports jerseys too.  This is a major step for Adidas in the right direction; if more big brands start collaborating with green friendly thought-leaders, we can start to see some global change.  This is just the beginning!  Watch the short promo video below and check out some pics of the eco-friendly shoe; it looks pretty cool!