November 29, 2016

Adidas Makes Biodegradable Shoe From Synthetic Spider Silk


 Adidas describes its FutureCraft program as a "creative hub for innovation", and there is no doubt that Adidas is being more and more innovative as time goes on.  Earlier this month, we posted about the new sneakers that were being made from recycled ocean plastics.  Now, Adidas is creating a sneaker that is biodegradable and made from synthetic spider silk.  They have partnered with AMSilk to create a unique fabric called Biosteel.  The CEO of AMSilk, Jens Klein, says:

"The sports shoes which have been developed together with adidas are the first products worldwide with a high-performance material made of nature-identical silk biopolymers...

With this development we are setting new standards regarding the functionality of renewable textiles."

Adidas is slowly becoming a huge participant in the eco-friendly wave that we all should be riding. Check out some images of the unique shoe below!