August 21, 2018

A Poet's Plea to Save our Planet



 In-Q is a songwriter and spoken word poet from LA, and one of his most recent pieces may be his most relevant.  At a TED-curated event, IN-Q begs a room full of people to help save our planet. Sometimes we are too engulfed in progression and technology that we forget about the very planet that we live on.  IN-Q even states that maybe one day we will see other animals and treat them as movie stars because of their rarity.  His spoken word piece is full of info about extinction, global warming, and sustainability.  Although he does drop some numbers and facts, his lyrical ability about his personal experience is what stands out.  Having to go to a park just to see a tree sounds absurd but could very well be the future if we don't collectively start changing destructive habits.  Check out the piece below.