July 16, 2018

A Hemp-Infused Taco Shop Has Opened in LA



 Although a ton of hemp products are starting to hit the market, many people are still confused as to what hemp is.  Many don't know that hemp is actually Cannabis except it does not have psychoactive properties.  Hemp has thousands of uses including building materials, fuel, clothing, and yes even food.  In the Arts District of LA, a new taco shop called Medtillas has opened.  The spot serves traditional corn tortilla tacos as well as tacos infused with hemp. Medtillas also serve Hemp2O, an organic vitamin drink beverage. Medtillas are very careful to explain on their website that: “All Hemp containing products are made from industrially processed hemp seed oil, and contain no THC or any psychoactive components. Per FDA regulations, we do not make any claim as to any medicinal benefit of these products, and they are not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.” 

We hope to see more hemp infused food spots begin to open up across the country! Check out Medtillas at 1335 Willow Street. Los Angeles, CA. from 12-7pm.