March 08, 2018

A Diver Discovers an Ocean of Plastic

ocean plastic video 2018

 It is no secret that plastic pollution is a global issue.  In fact, it is estimated that over 8 Million tons of plastic waste are dumped into our Earth's oceans every single year.  This is a shocking and disturbing statistic.  Many people, if they don't live near an ocean, may not see the immediate effects of this plastic pollution. Furthermore, those who do live by the ocean still may not see the immediate effects.  For those who don't see these effects, the video below is for you.  British Diver Rich Horner took to the waters of Bali, Indonesia where the ocean is riddled with plastic waste.  As he records his dive, you can see ocean life swimming amongst the plastic trash; a truly disturbing sight.  We must all do our part in order to ensure we are preserving our planet. Please share this post with someone who needs to see plastic pollution first-hand.