April 22, 2016

Earth Day 2016



 So often we go about our daily routine and schedule without taking time to realize all the small things that we do that affect our planet.  Whether its not recycling, wasting water, or polluting, we all have left a footprint on this planet.  Today is a day that is set aside for recognizing our planet and all of the great things it provides us.  Today is also a day that should be celebrated 365 days.  Humankind has done centuries of damage to the Earth, some of which can never be reconciled; so today let's reflect and really think about what changes we can put into effect so that we can make our planet a better place.

Here at Superego, we try to do our part by embarking on a path of sustainability through clothing.  We will continue on our journey towards complete eco-friendliness and try to find the best practices that makes our Earth a better place.  This should be a personal goal for all of us.  Happy Earth Day, #StaySustained.