April 14, 2016

Adidas Stoner Sneakers Arrive in Time for 4/20

 Lately, we've been posting a lot about some new dope sneakers. That's because these companies are being very innovative nowadays with their design concepts. And adidas continues to raise the bar by developing some new Stan Smith's, collaborating with California sneaker store BAIT. These dope sneakers feature a natural hemp upper, fuzzy green texture on the back (kinda like a tennis ball), a money stach pocket on the inside of the tongue, and labels and tabs referring to medical marijuana. Most companies would downplay the inspiration behind weed kicks to avoid causing a stir. However, adidas isn't.. That's why they're Cut From A Different Cloth.

 The shoe is set to release on 4/20 at all BAIT locations for only $120. Check out some more pics of these sneakers below. Cop or drop?