April 13, 2016

Kendrick's Tribute to Kobe Bryant



 Kobe's long and magnificent run in the NBA is finally coming to an end.  Today, he will play his last game in the NBA; and we are just as shocked as Kendrick.  Mr. Lamar takes to spoken word to pay homage to his basketball hero. Growing up in LA, Kendrick has witnessed Kobe's entire NBA season and all the amazing moments that came with it.

 Kendrick wears an "untitled unmastered." dad hat as he speaks greatly of Kobe.  The Kobe Bryant highlights, with track 7 from Kendrick's latest album playing in the background creates an amazing vibe.  One thing that the Black Mamba definitely did in the league was "levitate, levitate, levitate".  Check out the Fade to Black video below.