March 28, 2016

5 Auto-tuned Artists That Can Actually Sing



  Auto-tune is a program that took over the music industry, specifically the hip-hop and R&B industry.  Surprisingly, a good amount of artists that use it, don't necessarily need it. Sure, auto-tune can make a bad singer sound amazing; but what some people seem to forget is that good singers sometimes use auto-tune to make themselves sound even better. Check out our list below of some auto-tuned singers that you may have not known can actually sing. 


1. T-Pain: The guy that put auto-tune on the map can surprisingly sing without it.  Shocking right?!  


2. Tory Lanez: The new young artist out of Toronto that everyone is comparing to Drake can actually sing without the auto-tune that he uses so often. 


3. Fetty Wap- The Jersey artist that has become so famous for his auto-tuned melodies can actually sing! 1738! 


4. Ty Dolla Sign- Ty Dolla Sign's natural acapella voice is very soulful and full.  This interview he did a while back proves it. 


5. Drake: Obviously Drake's clever songwriting makes up for his singing ability, but you can't lie he can hold a tune. 


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