March 12, 2016

10 Most Interesting 'Green' Gadgets


 Over the past decades more and more people have been adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle.  In order to meet this demand of green focused people, companies have been thinking outside the box in order to come up with some useful green gadgets.  Check out our list of the most interesting green gadgets we've come across.


1. Sunport uses energy from solar powers to charge or power any device you want!


2. iZen is made of 92% bamboo, is recyclable, and had bluetooth capabilities. 


3. This Water Powered Clock can run for 12 weeks on one refill


4. Empower is a rocking chair that can charge your devices from the kinetic energy that is created when someone rocks in it.


5. iBamboo uses the natural acoustics of bamboo to act as a speaker for your phone.


6. Voltaic Amp uses solar energy to charge your phone, tablet, or other devices.


7. Droplet is a smart watering system that doesn't waste water.


8. Husqvarna Auto Mower uses solar energy and automatically mows your lawn.



9. Water Pebble uses a red, yellow, and green light system to let you know when you are using too much water in the shower.


10. Lifestraw filters water from natural sources and makes it drinkable!