March 02, 2016

Nyck Caution - Disguise The Limit [Album Stream]


 Amidst the active beef between Troy Ave and Joey Bada$$, Nyck Caution of Pro Era has dropped his new free project.  I know what your thinking, "Who is Nyck Caution and why does he spell his name with a 'y' ?"  Well I can't lie, this was my first time hearing of this kid also, but with the clever album title, Disguise The Limit (The Sky's the limit), I had to check him out.  Also, the fact that he is on Pro Era doesn't hurt either.  

Nyck Caution is pretty young, as are his fellow Pro Era peers, but he raps like a seasoned veteran. His sound is purely hip-hop, and his beat selection shows exactly that.  Disguise The Limit is a very timely project and is something you all should check out and enjoy. Listen below!