March 05, 2016

Why 'Love' is So Painfully Awesome


 If you're like me, you love when Netflix releases new original series.  They've had an impressive history of original shows including some greats such as, Orange is The New Black, House of Cards, and Daredevil.  There are many more that make this list of solid Netflix shows, including the newest addition, LoveLove follows the story of two strangers who've had past relationship issues and somehow bump into each another.  Despite being wildly (and I mean wildly) different from each other, they find they have more in common than meets the eye.

 Sort of like real-life love, the show Love is awesome, funny, sad, happy, and painful, all at the same time.  While watching, you may relate to a lot of moments and may feel a deep connection with characters at times.  The awkward nice guy, combined with the wild and out-of-control gal doesn't seem like it would work, but you know what they say, opposites attract!  So check out the trailer below, and if you want to watch a painfully awesome show about love, check it out on Netflix. I give the first season a solid 8.5/10.