February 28, 2016

Lego to Use Hemp Plastic in The Future?



 I never thought I would hear "LEGO" and hemp be used in the same sentence, but its a new day and the benefits of hemp are becoming more and more apparent.  LEGO has been a staple in the toy industry for decades but is recently starting to consider new and more sustainable options for making their blocks.  LEGO senior project manager Allan Rasmussen told Plastics News that the new material must be able to form bricks that are indistinguishable from current plastic-made bricks.

Hemp plastic are a very viable option because it is non-toxic and more sustainable than the nonbiodegradable plastic they use now.  Hemp plastic has been around for a long time, and was even used by Henry Ford when constructing cars.  As industrial hemp slowly starts to get legalized across the country, hopefully more companies will explore hemp plastics and other products made from hemp.  Check out this very informative video about hemp plastics below to learn more!