September 24, 2019

9-Year-Old Starts His Own Recycling Business

 ryan hickman recycling


 When you think about your average 9-year-old and what their interests are, recycling probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. For Ryan Hickman, however, it's his own "sport".  After his first visit to a recycling facility with his dad he instantly fell in love. He decided to start his own recycling business where he would go around and pick up peoples cans and bottles and recycle for them.  Pretty soon, his social media following started going up and more and more people wanted to use Ryan's Recycling.  The business started booming so much that he started making shirts for his recycling business and even those were selling.  He donates all the money from the shirts to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center to help care for Sea Lions.  Ryan has a huge passion for recycling and says even though it's not technically a sport, its his sport.  We could all learn from what Ryan is doing to help out the environment and do our part to help out.  Check out the video below to learn more about how Ryan got started.