February 26, 2016

Imperfect Match by ShaáBez B. Ali x Jae C.


 Our very own Social Media Manager, I. Adebanjo “Bez”, submits this heartfelt piece for all you poem lovers. He collaborated with Jae C. to bring this piece to us. Most of us who have experienced love (and love lost) can relate to this one.


Imperfect Match …
I saw him from a distance and instantly my passion increased
He opened his mouth to say Hello and I heard church bells ringing in the silence
We continued to mingle and I fell deep within his clutch, I just knew
We were perfect
In his absence my body yearning to be closer to him, I realized I’ve never loved someone so much
My nights were cold without him and my heart felt empty when we argued
No one but him could take my breath away
It was the fire under my feet that made me love him with a burning desire….
Until it happened, I became the epitome of my dreams and the product of my past.
Not holding grasp to my current situation,
I let the secrets of my hidden hurt be the death of us
For the the longest I was only imagining...
It was heat at first contact.
Her very air was fuel for my passion,
her very touch was every pleasant distraction.

Together we were phosphorus burning rapidly,
Her brown skin and coke shaped frame pushed
me to behave sly & so dastardly ....
With a single stroke, I knew she was a match to me.
Together we burned ever so rapidly.
Ever so rapidly, ever so rapidly …

Burning, yearning, and determined.
she was my every desire.
She was an unquenchable fire.
The warmth of her flame, and her incandescent beauty,
She was the only thing that could destroy me so truly.
She showed me how love is pain, and to that I became addicted,
Burn me to ash. Her love … my affliction.
Love struck!
and it burned through & through …
Like fire, her love just consumes.
Her very essence, her sheer beauty …
My very doom.
Her :
Drifting into my mindless desires of you, the fear of falling for you creeps into my intoxicated dreams.
My mind slowly dissolves into a mixture of perplexed memories, blurring my vision of love. Trying to grasp the scenery I've been deprived of, I fall victim to the untruthful bliss of my lost hallucinated past.

Promiscuous lady of lust, that I was, I came for him. Directing myself into his heart by whispering sweet nothings .... "Please, Take my hand".

That he did, but when I lifted my eyes seeking the sight of my newly welcomed attraction of him, I saw a different him. The one whom I fell victim to before my dream led me to who I thought was my love but really wasn't. I understood from that I was still broken.

Fleeing in the other direction, he followed, but I'm too torn to turn back and pick up the fragmented pieces I left at his feet. Out of the gentleness of his heart, he gathered them in hopes that he could put me back together again. The irony...
At that moment, I stopped running, seeing the difference in his poise compared to the other
My heart whispered desperately in his direction "He’s not like him, You can love him and not be hurt". Then, I turned back to him wholeheartedly.

Getting closer and closer to reigniting the flame i intentionally blew out, my imagination overtakes my fairy tale and transforms his perfectly loving notions of love into my ever so reckless insecurities I had towards my history and I freeze. I told myself I could never love him, He’s the others. Not who he portrays himself to be.

So I leave again. Knowing that I'm chasing a reality that doesn't exist, but in this dream he's all my heart's greatest fear. And to me he was another lost soul that I lusted for with no remorse in my hallucinations of love. We end.

I finally awaken and grab hold to the truest reality of my tears only to realize that I erased the projected memory of him out of broken hearted tendencies, and I hurt him not knowing that my imaginary running was more than fictional thoughts I brought from my uncontrollable and shattered subconsciousness.
Him :
Like a moth to a flame, I knew not that the dance would end.
But you continued to dance akin to flame at the end tip of my candle.
I danced into your perfumed aroma, consumed with every thought of you.
The closer I got the more I felt your fire.
The more I yearned for you the more distraught I became.
How was I to know I was dancing with flames ?
How could such ravishing seduction, be my destruction?
In you danced ! Out you danced ! Again ... & again.
You Stop in my heart just to catch your breath,
Loving you was like lightning turned to fire.
Burning me to smolders and all I could do was smile.
You undid me, just to see how the ashes would fall.
I burned slowly, so I could be the embers you played in.
I prayed to be with the one you stayed with...
Spent all of your days with.
Your dance. Your dance was a chace. What were you chasing ?
Who were you chasing ? Is this what I'm faced with it ?
I was chasing you. And you were chasing ... ... who ?
I'm no one's replacement ! This is a feeling so vacant ...
Who the hell were were you chasing !? Baby I can be his replacement !
Be the one that you stay with.
I'm no man's replacement. Don't leave me so vacant.
Instead you danced in my destruction. I marveled at your grace.
She was fire personified, my very destruction.
The truest embodiment of flaming seduction.
I felt it like love. Even after it all burned.
It felt like love, but I had so much to learn.
It felt like love, I've never been so wrong.
It felt like love but she was just fire ….
She was an inferno disguised as beauty.
She was destruction wearing shrouds of love.
Them :
 “We were a perfect match, maybe that's why we burned out ....”


By ShaáBez B. Ali x Jae C.