January 30, 2016

Diggy Simmons & Raekwon - The 2nd Coming [Official Video]


 Diggy and Raekwon?? A unique collab indeed, but unfortunately the Chef doesn't actually spit a verse.  Instead he adds a braggadocios rant to the end of the freestyle, adding some street credibility on to the record.  Diggy has come a long way in rapping; he's always been a pretty dope lyricist, but he completely destroys this track produced by Don Cannon.  We'll just say its a coincidence that he dropped this video a day after his arch-nemesis J. Cole dropped one. Either way, if you've been sleeping on Diggy, time to wake up.  He's definitely Cut From A Different Cloth !

  My attire, thats a different cloth. I whip a porsche, just to piss em off   -Diggy