January 26, 2016

'Destructed Denim' Mitchell & Ness Hats

 Lapstone & Hammer is a menswear boutique based in Philly who had a simple idea; bringing the destructed denim look to custom hats.  They teamed up with Mitchell & Ness in order to bring this look to 4 different NBA team hats.  The hats are made with hard denim, with a team patch.  The hat is then rubbed and distressed in order to give it that ripped denim look, which is so popular now a days.  This will be an exclusive release dropping February 5th at Lapstone & Hammer's flagship store in Philly.
 This is a great collaboration and shows that sports and fashion trends go hand in hand.  The hats will even come packaged with a piece of sandpaper for you to destroy it even further.  Check out some pics of some bulls players sporting the hats below.