January 26, 2016

Lumir C: The Eco-friendly LED Lamp


 With the recent snowstorm that just made its way through the east coast, many found themselves running to stores to get storm supplies.  Many of these included shovels, food, waters, and of course candles and flashlights.  In many ways, it's important to have some sort of light source that doesn't require a plug in; emergency situations present themselves when least expected.  Even more, it is nice to have a light source that saves energy and is convenient.

Lumir C is a lamp that is powered by the heat of a candle.  This LED lamp is perfect studying, reading, emergency situations, or for any type of every day use.  When you're done using the lamp simply blow out the flame and the light turns off.  Check out Lumir C below, the LED lamp powered by a single candle