December 30, 2015

Battle of the Hoverboards


 There is something very intriguing about peoples obsession with hoverboards.  For a while the idea of floating above the ground seemed like a sci-fi concept that would never come true, but recently this idea has become more of a reality.  Hoverboards of all kinds have been surfacing across the internet, many claiming to be "The First Real Hoverboard". Others simply mimic the effects of a hoverboard but completely have wheels or some sort of contact point with the ground.  Let's explore some of these hoverboards and see who owns the claim to "The First Real Hoverboard".


The Skywalker- This ever so popular "hoverboard" has been sweeping across the nation, both literally and figuratively.  Although it looks cool and futuristic, the two wheels definitely disqualify it from being a true hoverboard.   


Hoverboard- This next hoverboard is simply called Hoverboard.  Unfortunately, unlike its name, it also isn't a true hoverboard as it has one big wheel in the middle of it.  I will say it looks pretty smooth to ride though.  


Hendo Hover- This hoverboard definitely floats above the ground. The company even had Tony Hawk to come through and test it out.  My one issue is that they only show it on the indoor surfaces they have set up.  How would it fair outdoors?  What's the fun in a hoverboard that you can only ride indoors!


The Lexus Hoverboard- The Lexus board is another hoverboard that actually floats above ground.  It was later revealed, however, that this hoverboard works only on magnetic floors.


Arcaboard-  Arca Space Corporation recently revealed what they claim to be "The Worlds First Real Hoverboard"; a very bold claim.  Does their hoverboard truly hold this title? Judging by the video, their board really does hover (even though its a huge rectangle).  Sure it needs some work, but atleast its truly a hoverboard.  It'll also run you about $20,000.


Conclusion:  It seems the only companies that could hold the title for the "First Real Hoverboard" are Hendo and Arca.  Since Hendo was revealed first, I might have to give the title to them.  However, I would want to see how the Hendo hoverboard handles on different surfaces.  For now, let's just sit back and watch as this technology continues to develop.  Hopefully one day someone will perfect it.