December 29, 2015

Boomerang Case for iPhone has Built-in Charger


If you have owned or currently own an iPhone, I'm sure you've dealt with charger/battery issues at some point.  Theres nothing worse than being out and finding yourself with a low battery and no charger.  Or maybe you've found yourself dealing with the popular "turtleneck" frayed iPhone cord issue.  Well, the Boomerang case solves these issues by containing a retractable charger that is concealed within the case.  No longer will you have to worry about losing your charger, forgetting it, or having someone constantly ask to borrow it!

The Boomerang case is surprisingly sleek and has a great design.  It essentially taking the idea of the Mophie case to the next level.  The Boomerang case is available for pre-order now at, starting at $50. Check out the video below to see this revolutionary design for yourself.