December 02, 2015

Saucin on You: The Top 10 Sauces Ever Invented



 Any real foodie knows that the sauce is boss.  A real good meal complimented with a good sauce can take a dish to the next level.  Join us as we explore the Top 10 Sauces Ever Invented.  


1. Ketchup- A staple in the condiment game; a lot of people have mixed feelings about ketchup, but I think Ketchup supporters outweigh non-ketchup supporters.  It can go on burgers, fries, hot-dogs, hash-browns, eggs, I mean the possibilities are endless. Ketchup is the GOAT.


2. Honey BBQ Sauce- Honey BBQ sauce is almost neck and neck with honey mustard but I think the BBQ wins out.  Honey BBQ can do things to chicken wings and ribs that honey mustard could never do. Three words, Sweet Baby Rays.



3. Honey Mustard-  Honey Mustard is liquid gold.  It's highly possible to be a fan of honey mustard and not be a fan of mustard; Mustard has a distinct taste that many don't like, but when that honey is added though!  What a magical combination.  


4. Friday's Jack Daniel's Sauce- I was just informed you can actually buy a bag (yes a bag) of Jack Daniel's sauce from Friday's directly if you ask, and I suggest that everyone does before they go out of stock.  Jack Daniel's sauce penetrates your taste buds and goes directly to your soul.  This is a sauce for the gods.


5. Sweet and Sour- It's REALLY hard to mess up sweet and sour.  It comes in many different colors, flavors, and consistencies, but overall its a legendary sauce.  Whether you're getting the tan colored sweet & sour from McDonalds, or the bright red from your local Chinese store, it won't let you down.



6. Hot Sauce-  Hot Sauce is another staple in the sauce community; its one of those condiments that can be applied to almost anything.  It also has the magical power of making bland food amazing.


7. Ranch-  This is a heavy sauce, only meant for sauce connoisseurs.  I know, it tip-toes on that border of the dressing/sauce categories but it deserves the number 7 spot.  If you haven't tried ranch with your hot wings or with pizza, then you're missing out.  Trust me, add ranch to your sauce collection, Post Malone would approve.


8. Buffalo Sauce-  Buffalo Sauce is another polarizing sauce, you either like it or you don't.  I see no reason to dislike it; when done right, buffalo sauce can really make some wings hit.  Also during the holidays a buffalo chicken dip for a holiday event can make you the life of the party. When combined with number 7 on this list, it can be a killer combination. 


9. Sriracha Mayo-  I'm sure you've heard of Sriracha.  I'm sure you've heard of Mayo.  I'm putting you onto Sriracha Mayo (if you didn't already know).  This stuff is great.  If you like spice and a nice spread to put on sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, or anything your heart desires, choose this.  It also mixes perfect with ketchup.


10. Teriyaki Sauce-  Teriyaki sauce is your secret friend.  You may have had food with Teriyaki sauce on it and didn't even notice (depending on how heavy handed the chef is). Teriyaki can compliment the flavor of a food or overtake it.  I like a nice balance of both; teriyaki is definitely saucin on the competition.