October 01, 2019

6 New Innovations That Are Changing Transportation

 hologram crosswalks


 Technology is constantly changing for the better as we progress as a society. We've seen a lot of progress and innovation in the transportation industry specifically.  The last big innovation we have seen in the transportation realm is the introduction of ride-sharing (i.e. Uber and Lyft).  More recently shared electric scooters have gained popularity in major cities.  What are some other new and exciting advancements we should look forward to?  Well here are a few you may or may not have heard about.  

1. Hologram Crosswalks-  As augmented reality technology continues to advance we could very well see some hologram crosswalks with big and bright lights in order to improve road safety for pedestrians and cars.

2. Absorbable Tarmac-  Tarmac is developing a special concrete that is designed to absorb 880 gallons of water in just a minute.  This would significantly reduce flooding from flash floods and storms, making roadways safer. 

3. Sea Bubbles- Imagine an uber boat... that is essentially what Sea Bubbles is, except its all-electric.  Users can simply request a ride from the app and walk to the nearest dock to get into the water taxi. 

4. Electric Motorcycles-  Electric vehicles are starting to gain more traction (no pun intended), but you don't see many electric motorcycles.  In the next decade or so, we may start to see more electric motorcycles hitting the roads, such as the BMW Motorrad.

5. Clearmotion Suspension- One thing that hasn't significantly changed in most cars is suspension.  Usually in your average car when you go over bumps or rough roads, you will feel it, not with Clearmotion. Clearmotion is a new technology that is changing suspension completely and creating smoother rides. 

6. Smaller Cars- It's no secret that many drivers are steering away from gas-guzzling vehicles.  In fact, there have been new cars such as Smart Cars that are completely changing the way we look at cars. Toyota is also developing a tiny car that is just 90 cm wide. We may start to see smaller cars as they are electric, easier to park, and breeze through traffic.


Watch the video below to see all these advancements first-hand!