October 30, 2015

The Future of Dating



 Join us as we examine some of the various ways people fall in love in modern society.  Is it possible that physical dating will be obsolete one day? I think we all hope not, but these different ways of falling in love are surely putting it to the test.  


Love At First Swipe

It is estimated that about 1/3 of relationships in America begin from online dating; with countless apps being created daily, more and more people are falling in love online.  Tinder, Match, Skout, Meetme, eHarmony, OKCupid, and POF are just a few apps that get high traffic with singles trying to find "love at first swipe"


Love At First Type

With the advancements in mobile app development, its easier to find the right match for you; however some people still look to the good ol' computer to find the right one.  eHarmony has been a big source for love connections around the world, but wait theres more!  There are no limits to love at first type; ESPN just reported that a recent marriage occurred in the comment section of their website. Amazing?  or weird ?



Love At First Skype

Skype was one of the first companies to lead in the video calling game, but after Skype many more have jumped in on the wave.  Video-calling is a way to meet face to face with someone without being there physically, which is a good tool for long distance relationships (also a good tool to eliminate cat-fishing). Skype, Facetime, and ooVoo are all good sources to put your love connection to the test via video.