October 29, 2015

The 5 Most Annoyingly Talented Rappers


 Before we dive into this list, let me make a disclaimer: There is no ill intent or negativity being thrown at any music artists. This list simply highlights some of the greats; those that are so talented that its almost annoying. Those that spoil us with content then disappear for months, even years on end. Yeah there are politics, yeah there are music labels, yeah there are a lot of unforeseen things that us consumers know nothing about; but who cares, we're selfish, give us the music we want! 


1. Kanye West- You may be asking why Kanye? Why is Kanye on this list? But the real question should be why not Kanye!?  Kanye has blessed us with a host of fire albums, some of the best sample production the rap game has ever seen, and the most classic hip-hop singles of all time.  Where are you Kanye!? We want the old Kanye back; the one that made music to move us.  We don't want a verse here and there on a Big Sean/Travis Scott/Vic Mensa song, or production on the Weeknd album; we want the king of the rap game back!

2. Andre 3000- This person may come as no surprise.  Andre 3000 aka the rap game's groundhog, comes out maybe once a year.  He spoils us with a perfectly written verse, and goes back into hibernation.  Do you love to see us suffer Andre Benjamin? I think so.

3. Jay Electronica- Jay Elec is almost right there with Andre 3000, except without the classic albums to vouch for himself.  We all know JE can rap, but why doesn't he drop new material.  It's a question that we all want to know the answer to.  All the "Exhibits" that he has dropped are completely fire and may go down in hip-hop history.  He has gotten co-signs from greats like Nas and P Diddy.  I also believe Jay Electronica enjoys seeing his fans wither in torment because of the lack of music he puts out.  Stop depriving us of your talent!

4. Ty Dolla Sign- Dolla Sign, Dolla Sign, Dolla Sign.  Why have you forsaken us?  You gave us classic Beach House EP's and took a complete left turn.  Ok, let me take a step back, Ty Dolla Sign is more of a singer than a rapper, but nonetheless I'm convinced he's depriving us of his best work.  He has collaborated with half the industry but has yet to give us the essence that we love about him.  Let's hope his new album "Free TC" delivers.

5. Jadakiss- Jada deserves to be on this list without a doubt.  Jadakiss speaks to the hood, the people, to the hip-hop heads around the world.  So why is it that he doesn't drop more content/albums?  I think its mostly label drama and lack of sales, but either way we want more Jadakiss!! Call me selfish but a rapper that declares himself Top 5 Dead or alive should be pushing out albums like clockwork! You've given us anthems, mixtapes, and amazing 16's; let's have a classic album Jadakiss!


 So there you have it, the top 5 most annoyingly talented rappers; can you think of anyone else that belongs on this list?